Hell-come to Up Yours Records!

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The sale is going steady and lot’s of records are beeing sold off but there’s still a lot of them left!

So if you wanna get your hand one some good records do it now before it’s to lait!

Old News



Thanx everybody who’s helping me get rid of the distro!

Things are slowly beening sold off and some titels are allready sold out.

So get your hand on what’s left before it’s all gone!


Thanx everybody helping out buying up all the records. A bunch of titels are already gone and more is beening bought up.

Thanx everybody and keep it up! Still a lot of records home that desperet need new homes! hehe


Everything must go!


I dont have the time to run this distro anymore so I’m selling everything off right now.

I will continue to release records but the distro is to much right now.

So grabb what you can before it’s all gone!

Cheers for now!

New records in Distro-

Family Man- S/T 9 Euro
Panacea- S/T 9 Euro
Vaaska-Tejaaotic D- Beat raw Punk 9 Euro

Hamy Hogs/ Flygja Split 3 Euro
Antabus- Hellraiser 3 Euro

Not Enough Hate- Knocked Into Tomorrow 5 Euro
Tinner- In Langue With Satan 6 Euro
Next Victim- The Cold Gust Of Wind 3 Euro
Life Scars- S/T 3 Euro

Varukers- Murder LP 10 Euro
Hellnation/ Capitalist Casulties LP split 10 Euro
Restarts- Outsider LP 10 Euro
Death Dealers- Files Of Atrocity 12 Euro
No Tomorrow- 4 way split with Besthöven, Warvictims, Krüel and Peace Of Annihiliation 9 Euro

Death Dealers record was just as great as I thought!
Members of Anticimex, Extreme Noise Terror and Raw Noise! Fucking Power trio!!!

Punk Illegal merch is updated! Check it up and support the good cause!

Some new Reviews are up.

Nitad- Den Gudomliga Världen EP 4 Euro

A//Political-The Greatest Working Crass Rip-off LP+ 60 page booklet 13 Euro

Bloody Stinking Bastards Interview up!

Punk Illegal show went well! A lot of pepole showed up and we all had a great evening.

Cant wait untill next Punk Illegal!

Distro updates will come shortly but I can tell that A//Political LP’s+ 60 page booklet is home and Nitad’s first EP as well and I’ll soon put them up for sale!

New band to Punk Illegal this saturday!

Saturday 27:e Nov
Punk Illegal support gig

NÖDVÄRN(sthlm) http://www.myspace.com/nodvarn
GLIDSLEM(helsingborg) http://www.myspace.com/glidslem
SLAKTATTACK http://www.myspace.com/slaktattack
BITTRA MINER http:// http://www.myspace.com/bittraminer

Doors Open 19:00 First band on stage 20:30
Entrance 80 Sek 8 Euro

First Interview up!

Mob 47 interview I did long ago witch has just been laying around and I dident have the time to publish.
But now finally I have translated it and here it is for you!

New Records in stock-

Deathraid- All Life Ends    9 Euro
Kontatto- Mai Come Voi   9 Ruro
Aggrenation/ Nulla Osta Split  8 Euro
Konfrontation- Nedbrytnings Processen  8 Euro
Nödvärn- Slutstationen     8 Euro

Glöm Dä!/ Dörr Terror Split 3 Euro

If you wanna have your stuff rewived here send them to Up Yours Records, Godvädergatan 23B, 41838 Gothenburg Sweden.