Bloody Stinking Bastards


Ok, your site dosent reveal that much about you so introduce yourself to us.
Band members, what do you do? Side prodjects?
-The year was 1999, and we (5 drunk punx without a future) started talking about getting a band togheter.
Shortly we had us a rehersalroom in ”Lerum” just outside Gothenburg and started rehersal under the name ”Tjackluder” (Tjackluder= Crackwhore).
Our first halfyear went very bad with songs and shit and one of our members Cicci quit the band.
Then we changed our name and tried to rehersal for real and made a ”hit” (haha) with the song ”Open That Beer”.
Since then things are going well with gigs and rehersalroom changes, even if things are going a bit slow for the moment.
But well strighten that up soon!
Sideprodjects? Chrille and Jalle plays in ”Rambo Rolfs Orkerster”, Flum is XXX and Vixen is on paternity leave in Malmö.
Set: Chris – whips valskinn, Flums – screaming out his bile, Vix – rips sexstring, Jalle – play blodsbas.

Your latest album ”fit for fight” was Great! How has the response been in Sweden? Any response outside Sweden?
-Hehe. Thanks. It has very good response even though it is very difficult to sell on gigs and stuff. People are as we know, not so rich in our audience that they can cough up 60 pix. Haha. Nah, but it’s been decent, and most seem to think it is good.
Outside Sweden, we can not say much about because we dont know, but pepole on Myspace and stuff seem to think about the same. Flums submitted a bundle to some record store in London, but no one knows how it goes …

How does it feel now that your to play with Casulties?
– Feels and feels..That’s shit you have to take..Haha. No seriusly, it will be fun when you know there will be a lot of Punx there.
Pepole dont have a choise or somewhere to run and hide when we enter the stage! (haha)

How does a gig usally look for you?
-What a question? Is’nt it abvious? Everybody gets wasted way to early and starts baninging our instruments in each other’s heads. Specially when there free liquir in the picture…Nooo, not that bad but almost! haha.
Of some strange reason we play better if we have been drinking a few days in a row instead of getting drunk just before the show.
Mysterys of alcohol!

Where do you get your inspiration from to write lyrics/ music?
– Thore Skogman, Britney Spears, Evert Taube And of course Back Street Boys.
Nooo, not really. As we see it the lastest album is a bit more rock then the last one.
I think you are a bit more open to the world as you get older. It’s nice mixing a lot of crap to something of your own. It just become so that
there are more Rock’n’Roll influences here and there. Or how the hell should I know? I just talk crap. What you listen to influence your music.
Wherther you want it or not.

The punkscene sems rather good in Gothenburg? Is it as much gig’s as you hear don there?
(give us some tips if there are any good places)
– There is an upswing laitly with a lot of new clubs/ black clubs and stuff. You just have to hope they last!
To name a few- Truckstop Alaska, Gbg Pirates, Klubb Punkterad, Hellraiser, Alleycat Allnighter+ allot of other dead and new clubs.

What band would you mostly like to play with? Motivate!
-What band is a bit hard to answer but if we say like this- It would be fun as hell to play the Punk & Disorderly or Wasted festivals
becouse there’s a lot of great bands that’s playing there and many of the old band that are almost dead but till staninging strong!
And Back Street Bys for stealing our shortening (???) haha

Favoirte drink? Kir I hope? Does everyone drink a lot o Kir down in Gothenburg these days?
-Beer, Whiskey, wine, vodka or what ever..We’re not the ones who spit in the glass!
I think pepole drink what ever they can lay their hands on in Gbg. hehe.

What’s your plans this winter?
Any new record our tour?
– Right now we try to practise so we sound good live. Vixen live’s in Malmö now untill next summer and there are no money so the next record have to wait a bit longer. But who know’s? we might win the lottery? But as soon as posible we’ll try record something and try release it. We dont know anything about any tour. We would like to play out in Europe but we havent been asked to do so yet.

Any funny storys to tell from the boze-mist?
-There are many. Guitarrs beeing dropt on stage, to drunk singer and guitarrist, nudity, fights, blood, scenes that breaks, audience that pisses on stage..You get it? Punkrock’n’Roll!

What’s you oppinion on the meaning of life?
– Is there any? mankind exists only to make a hell of everything and then you die but the madness continues.

What makes a good band to day?
– You’ll have to ask a good band about that. We suck and will continus with that!
Never surender!

What do you like/ dislike with to days scene?
-Is a big fucking segregation between so called punx. Pepole in for example the crust scene talk shit about Oi! punx and Oi! Punx do the same about Crust punx. Why cant pepole just unite when we all are the same! Everything was founded on the freedom of speach and actions! Witch to day is just a big hypocrisy. Stand strong and unite!

What do you think will happend to day when to right-winged ”moderaterna” has the power?
We will not see any well-fare money any more I guess..What will we live on now who dont have any work or anything?
– It sucks. So much talk about revolution and nothing happends.
The only way to create a democrasy is to tear everything down and create chaos and rebuild everything without political parties and  have a vigilance committee instead of polices.

Ok I have no more questions. Say some concludiong words!

Get in touch for a copies of our record ”fit For Fight” 12′
Or visit our homepage- http://WWW.BLOODYSTINKINGBASTARDS.COM

Mob 47


Remember this is an old interview but it’s not uninteresting or bad.
Just read it and see what they had to say when they just had reunited!

How does it feel, now that you have reunited again after all these years and tons of fans wanting to see you everywhere?
-It feels great! We never thought it would be like this. It’s awsome! Beeing appreciated is always good for your ego!

I guess you have booking inquiries from all over the world?
-Yes of course! People from half over Europe (Russia included) and USA have asked us.

How have you evolved since you last played?
-Fater and more thin-haired, haha. And then I think we’re faster also..

Do you see the world the same, or do you see it with new eyes now that you’re older?
Is it still war, freedom, animalrights and cop-hate?
-Same as before, getting an eye disease like cararact has made the world a bit more blurry, other than that it`s the same as before.
No, seriously. As a parent you see the world with new eyes. The safety of your children and
their right’s in society comes before everything else.
Besides that it’s still injustice, war, nature and animal rights. Cop-hate is a bit down-tuned. But we still play
”maktmissbruk” and ”snutjävlar” live.
One of my best friends is an instructor at the police picket! Haha, that’s humour!

What do you feel about how the scene has evolved since you quit?
– It’s a hell lot bigger! More bands, more gig places. And more festivals. Youth centres, that existed in our time, don`t exist anymore. It’s nice that there are other alternatives.
Also we have the internet and e-mail. That has made the world a lot smaller. Earlier you had to write ordinary letters. And flight tickets are a hell lot cheaper! Those bands who were on Europe-Tours in the 80’s hade to go on an Interrail card to get around.

What was the driving force that made you start the band again?
-It was many years of persuading. It was above all Per Thunell in Bruce Banner that was obstinate.
The summer 2004 Åke, Chrille and Johan played just for the fun of it and it didnt go too well..
The summer of 2005 they played together again, and it went better. Then Åke called and asked if I wanted to join in and just sing and I said ”yes” directly!
The plan was to do just one gig….

When I checked your tour list I saw that Protes Bengt also was playing at Alcazar when you did the reunion. Why haven`t we heard that P.B has reunited? It was almost a cooler band than Mob 47! (haha)
-Don’t be like that now.

Why hasn`t P.B gotten as much attention?
-Because P.B was never a band. It was a funny project to get as many songs as possible on a cassette. 74 songs they got together, but it became a 32- song EP instead. Really, how serious is it with titles like ”äggkopp”, påskstämning” and ”trimmadälg?

Are you planning any new releases?
-Yes, we are hoping to get a new release out. If it becomes an EP or LP, we’ll have to wait and see.
We have a bunch of songs ready and some half done. ”Skånsk jävla vinter” is new. That one we have played live four times, I think? We’ll start recording during the spring if everything works out.

Why did you quit back in -85? Was there any special reason to why you quit?
-It was I who left the band.
I became a dad and thought you could`nt be a dad and punkrocker at the same time.
Damn, how wrong I was!
I think I’m more punkrock now then ever, and I have three children now!

What have you been doing during these quiet years?
-Well, not punkrock. Åke started up bowling and became very damn good at it! He was in the Swedish Elite for a while.
Chrille traveled the world and I traveled some too.

I’ve heard/ read that you played a lot in Dalarna when you started playing?
– No, mostly not. But our first gig was in Hedemora.

Have you got any offer to come back and play somewhere in Dalarna ?
-Yeah, in Jimmy Chaos’s garage! Haha!

It’s nostalgic that you guys play again! Do you think that you will inspire other bands to reunite?
-I don`t know if it’s nostalgic, but we have a lot of fun on the stage! If we inspire more prehistorical lizzards
like us would be fun. We do steal the stage from other upcoming bands, but I hope we all can
manage to fit on the stage.
It’s not like loosing your creativity is what makes you wanna play music, so I think more bands are coming, and with new material.
And then you just have to hope it’s appreciated! The danger with doing a new record when you have been out of the game for so long
is that you have a lot of expectations from the listeners. Think, what if you make a record that sucks hard! That wouldn`t be fun.

What did you expect when you started play again, from your fans and all?
– Not that there would come people from half around the world to see us when we played at Debaser in May. It was sick!
As I said. One gig. There came more.

What topic would make you write lyrics about and protest against today?
-It’s not so much that has changed these last 20 years. Apartheid in south Africa isn`t as much of a question anymore. However, we have a lot of questions concerning segregation that should be discussed in a bigger scale.
Other than that, the abuse of and violence against women and children is rather widespread. It’s pretty fucked up that women can`t go home alone without being raped or molested.
Questions about the environment are always important. And also we’ll wait and see what happens in North Korea with the lunatic Kim
Il Sung and his bloody nuclear weapons.

Are you politicly active, or is it just lyrics?
-No, it’s only opinions. We don`t have the time to be politicly active.

What do you think will happen to Sweden now that the right wing party, Moderaterna, has the power?
-You mean the new Sweden? I don`t have a clue. I don`t think there will be any bigger difference.
”Party Politics is shit”, as Totalitär said.

Has the world gone to the worse or better since you quit? Is there a need for Mob 47 in the world?
-Some of it has gone to the better, some got worse. Women in Afghanistan still dont have the right to vote.
A need for mob 47? Yes. I think there is. Or we wouldn`t have as many fans as we do!

What’s you best/ worse memory with Mob 47?
– That was a hard question. One of them was when we played at an open air festival in Långholmen in Stockholm. People were sitting and waiting for the rain to stop so we could enter the stage (that was a lorry trailer) so that we could play.
The worst memory must be that we split up like we did.

Well, what wisdom do you have to tell about the meaning of life now that you`re older?
-I used to say we were playing old timer punkrock, but we’ll have to change that to old timer D-beat now.
The meaning of life must be to be standing on the stage. Playing as fast as you can and screaming the shit out of one self?

Where did you get the idea of the name Mob 47?
-I ”overheard” the expression and we thought it sounded way much better then Censur that we called our selves in the beginning.

Those where all the questions for this time around.
Thanks for the answers and the word is yours!
-I just want to add one thing. Dont forget to wear your helmet when you go cycling!
Keep up the D-Beat!

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