A//Political- The Greatest Working Crass Rip-Off
19 song collection LP+ 60 page booklet
Finally you can get all A//Political’s singels and all their songs on one record!
A//Political is a American Anarchopunk band from Baltimore.
They released 3 singels, 1 cassette and some compilation records and now this masterpice!
The sound is awsome on the record and I like that a 60 page booklet comes with the record.
The record also contains 6 unreleased songs and all the songs are remasterd for this record.
The booklet contains flyers, interviews, lyrics, picturs, history and some info about the Crasshole Collective.
It’s much fun to read about when you listen to the band.
If youy like anarchopunk ou lay your hands on this masterpice!

Nitad- Den Gudomliga Världen
4 Song EP. 2010
Damn this is a good band! The first song is so awsome!
Melodic HC/trasch punk From ”Örebro” in Sweden.
The song ”Ingen Chans” (=No Chanse) was an immediate favourite for me!
This is their first record and it’s well played and the recoring is
really great.
I cant complain on anything on this record is just great!
They willalso be on tour in Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia
so try and see them if any out there has the chanse!

E.A.T.E.R (Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels)-System Faliure….Abort And Retry
18 song collection LP
Finally!!! A Eater collection! This I have been waiting for a long time!
For you who dont know E.A.T.E.R. was one of the early Swedish classic punk bands.
They released ”Doomsday Troops” and ”Abort The System” EP’s and some compilation cassetts.
This is those two EP’s and some cassette material+ 2 unreleased songs.
This a Swedish masterpice and came this year on Distrotion Records on 700 black and 300 clear vinyl’s.
All the songs are remasterd so the sound quality is great.
Comes with infosheath with pictures and lyrics.
They did a live show at Punk Illegal fest this summer (2010) and it was also great!
A new singel is recored and will be released in December 2010 acording to their homepage.
Looking forward on hearing it!

Desperat- S/T
Cassette, hardcore Delux
I have bigg expectation on Desperat now that they have recorded so I can remember if they where as good as I rememberd them from Punk Karnevalen this summer.
From the ashes of Mob 47 and Warvictims this ”powertrio” delivers 7 songs on this cassette.
The music is simple. It sounds like old mob 47 when they still where slow.
So just think early Mob 47 and you have it.
I dident remember they where this slow when I saw them live. I just remember they where a great band.
They could work more on the lyrics untill next time.
Otherwise the Cessette is good and well played and the sound on it is great.
They are releasing a 12′ soon and since this is their first recording I think the next will be
much better!
order it from D-takt & råpunk!

Electric Funeral- In League With Darkness
4 song Cassette Distortion To The World+ D-takt & Råpunk
This band I’ve been waiting to get my hand on since the first time I’ve heard them!
Fuck this is awsome!! Tis is one of the best bands from Sweden right now!
Anger, speed and distortion!
4 songs and I just want more of this d-beat mayhem!
The sound quality is great and it’s well played. this is their 4th demo cassette.
You can cleary hear the influences are Japanese distortion and madness! And it’s done well.
But is it covers? When I look who has written the songs it’s pepole from Besthöven, Dispose, Go Filth Go and others.
Buy this masterpiece from d-takt & råpunk or Distro-y records.

Giftgas Attack- Noise Hero LP
12 Songs record released by d-takt & Råpunk.
This record is soooo much better now that it’s out on LP then the first time I’ve heard it when it still was unmasterd. Damn they got the sound better! I still miss the Confuse chaos they had on earlier records.
But this is still a briliant record! It’s brutal from the begining to the end!
But still, much of the japanese influences are gone but some touch of it is still there.
This might be their best record so far. I hope the Japanese mixing is back on the next record and it could be so much more brutal!

Lautstürmer- Depopulator
12 thrax by Power It Up & Unrest Records.
The Sound is very typical Scandinavian rawpunk. Think Driller Killer and you know the sound.
And wonder why? You can find Adam and Christ-Offer in D.K.
The record is really good! Fast and furios the whole record thru!
D- Beat and anger. Can it go wrong?
This is their second release so far and so far the best! Theyare now in progress for a new 7’inch and looking for labels.
Hope the next record is a blast as well!

Misär- S/T Demo
5 thrax Demo recording 2010
From Thes Ashes of Raised By Drunks here’s Misär! (Misär= Misery)
With songs like ”Nizipig Crusader” and ”Dont’t Site On Your Arse” you probablyknow the drill.
It’s anger from the beging to the end. The sound is pretty ok for a demo but could be better.
They know their sound and know’s how it should sound so this shouldent be a problem to do a really brutal recording
untill next time that I hope comes soon! They got good potential.
It’s a great band so check ‘em up!

Doppälgängär- Yesterdays Rose Endures In It’s Namn We Hold Empty Namnes
4 thrax Demo.
This is a promising new band! I dont know who they are and what bands they have benn playing in before
but they are good nad they problably know it!
They are from Sweden and have already played with Oi Polloi and other great bands.
They should do a proper studio recording to get a hold of their sound cause it get’s destroyd much
in this simple recording. A proper recording would bring their sound to another level and I hope they do so
I can hear more raw thrashing d-beat!

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