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7′ 2 Euro (All These Records Are Only One Copie Each So Get One While You Can!)
C.O.B.W.- Children Of Barren Wasteland
Thee Overdose- Dont Blame Me
Thee Overdose- Wicked Game
Strohsäcke/ Worhäts Split
Sleeping At The Popes- S/T
Ruido- S/T
Gate/ Hip-Cops Split
Comrades/ Death Before Work
Chronicle AD- Bloodsport War
One Nature- Perfect Birthdefect
Red Stain- Dead End
Protestant Stagnation- S/T
Order- Drash
Ana Barata/ Speeder Garben
Slapendehonden- Is Hate /Knife Thru Head Split
Terrorism- Genocide / RawaMuck- Up To My Neck
Heroin- S/T
Maggot Colony / Fell’in Fine Split
Accione Mutante- All Your Base Are Belong To Us

7’  3 Euro
Aktion/ Black Panda
Ambulance- Dawn Of A New Beging
Antabus- Hellraiser
Autoritär/ Abuso sonoro Split
Bad Dreams Always- Another Body Murdered
Besthöven/Alternate System
DEATHORTION – War And Starvation
Denak- S/t
Deceived- Smach Patrtarchy
Diorrhea- Antibiosi / Proletar- Propagandistic Split
Dissober – Outcasts of sobriety
Dissober/ Downwad Spiral
Dödsdömd – De sju dödssynderna
Dödsdömd- Beskåda Vår Vackra Värld
End Of All- Places
Fuck…I’m Dead- Bring On The Dead
Hamy Hogs/ Flygja Split
Indignation- Krossa allt
Indignation/ urban trash- D.O.A.
Sub Alert/ Krimtänk
M:40/ SandCreekMassacare
MARERIDT – …här börjar helvetet
Never Built Ruins- Shutt & Asshe
No Admission- S/t
Open Wound- Stranglehold
Paindriver- The Truth…
Perukers- Distroyer
Project Hopless- Av Hela Mitt Hjärta
Protestant- Antagonist
Protestera- Gränslösa Land
Protestera/ Apatia No
Putrescence/ Embalming Theatre- Victims
Raw Hate- Drunk As Fuck Existence
Reorganize- S/t
Saboteur- A Neverending Bore
Sista Kriget- S/T
Skitslakt – Victim…
Slatktrens- Ur Balans
Slakt Attack/ Bio Crisis
Slakt Attack/ Aktiv Dödshjälp
Splitter/ From The Ashes
Stockholms Blodbad- MDXX
Stockholms Blodbad/ Vultures Split (Red, Blue or Black wax)
Sub Alert- What Make You Go On?
Spritvev- Pommacs Larm
Time Square Preachers- Don’t Be Numb!!!
Tinner- Probably The Worst Band In The World / Slapendehonden Split
V/A Cracked PopSkulls

7’ 4 Euro
Agathocles- Minced In Piracicaba, Brazil 2007
Bangsat- World Os Starvation / Archagathus
Bengsat/ Dehumanized Earth
Besthöven/ See//get
Brutal Death S/T
Coaccion- Revolver
D.A.R.M- S/T 7’
Daymare- S/T EP
Dobberman Cult/ Fredagen Den 13:e Fuck Your Scene Kid Vol.2
Disco Inferno/ Existench
Excuses- State Amergency
From The Ashes- Heading For Dystopia
Full Of Hatred/ Disköntroll
Imperial Leather- Antibodies
Infernal Stronghold/ Gatt (comes with 2 patches)
In Jak Mati/ Black Sister
Juggling Jugulars- Tre240198
Kurn/ embryonic Devovrment
Lautstürmer- Audioplauge Outbreak Alert
Life Is A Riot- S/T
Life Possession- S/T
Los Dolares/ Sin Apoyo
M:40- Industrilandskap
Memento Mori
Niestroy- Ashamed 7’+ Bonus CD’r
Nitad- Den Gudomliga Världen
No Kids- S/T
Party By Slice/ Malparido
Personkrets 3:1- Ruiner
Permanent Death/ Pissdeads
Rupture- Spontaneous Simian Combustion
Rebelsadvocate- consumed by consumption
Senata Fox/ Brivido
Skrupel/ Rupture
Slaughter Of The Innocents/Endless Demuse
Snutjävel- Falköping Hardcore
Snutjävel- Eran Stad/ Vår Verklighet
Snutjävel- Dollar & Dödsstraff
Suffering Mind- Destroy Mankind
Suffering Mind- Cycle Of Extinction/ Lycanthrophy- To Late To Survive
System Shit/ Bloody Phoneix
The Breed- S/T
Unquario Morto- La Semine a Il Raccolto
Vöetsek Pic
We Come In Peace- More world Less Bank Pt.2

2×7’ 7 Euro
Bufo- Moderni Ja Maailman Tuho

10’ 7 Euro
Monument- Teeth & Tails
Personkrets 3:1- Life Is Beautiful
Never Mind Die Zlaskhinx- Here’s The Tribute Record

LP’s 9 Euro
Agathocles- Obey Their Rules
Blown To Bits/ Deathtoll
D9 / Mondo Gecko Split
Disconvenience- Umeå Punk City
Diskontröll / Canser Spreading Split
Easpa Measa/ Silence Split
Family Man- S/T
Giftgas Attack- Noise Hero
Kontatto- Mai Come Voi
Massmord- Inget liv/Ingen död
Massmord- Unleashed
Massmord/Shades of Grey
Memento Mori / Milkadd- TorinoHardcore Split
Moderat Likvidation- Mumutation
Mondo Gecko / D9 Split
Mörkhimmel- Sheeps In The Labyrinth
No Tomorrow- 4 way split with Besthöven, Warvictims, Krüel and Peace Of Annihiliation
Panacea- S/T
Passiv Dödshjälp- Häng Dom
Project Hopeless- Välkommen…Till vår Sopfyllda Fabrik
Raw Hate- S/T
Raw Noise- The Terror Continues
Tortyr- Ingen Kommer Undan
Uncurbed/ Warvictims Split
Vaaska-Tejaaotic D- Beat raw Punk
WARVICTIMS – Until Man Exists No More
Warvictims/ Flyblown

LP 12
A//Political-The Greatest Working Crass Rip-off LP+ 60 page booklet
Death Dealers- Files Of Atrocity

LP’s 10 Euro
Hellnation/ Capitalist Casulties LP split
Puke- Back To The Puke Age
Restarts- Outsider LP
Varukers- Murder LP

LP 8
Aggrenation/ Nulla Osta
Konfrontation- Nedbrytnings processen
Nödvärn- Slutstationen
Warcorpse/ Bufo Split

LP 5 Euro
Dimmorna Skingras Vol.1 Collection LP- Aggrenation, Glöm Dä!, Slaktrens, Krimtänk, Sub Alert+ many more!
PP7 GAFTZEB- Kastar Första Stenen

CD’s 6
Black September
moderat likvidation- Mumutation
Suppression- 92-96

CD 5 Euro
A.S.C.O- Ira Popular
Adelitas- Guerrilla Armada Com Melodias
After The Massacare
Alone In The Crowd- El Triste Muro De La Sociedad
Alone In The Crowd/ Ett Sista Andretag Split
Etecarinae- In The Dark Times
Gum Bleed- Balefire Juvenile
Lecsa-Punk- Legalis Pusztitas
Leader Shit- Discografia
Natioanl Disaster- And It Begins…
PP7 Gaftzeb And The Tormentors Of 1984- Preaching The Gospel To The Non-Belivers
Slakt Attack/ AntiProtokol
Symbiose- Evolution?
Tinner- In Langue With Satan
Discharge- In Defence Of Our Future..
Infanticide – Extinction Scheme

Not Enough Hate- Knocked Into Tomorrow
Sub Alert- Take Part
Life Scars- S/T
Next Victim- The Cold Gust Of Wind

CD 1,5 Euro
Dodeskaden- Demo 2008

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